Feeling Bookish: "Beautiful" Rises to the Top of the Stack...

This is one of those yummy books that you likely already own. Beautiful: All-American Decorating and Timeless Style by Mark D. Sikes is truly one of those gorgeous books you feel compelled to own and keep on hand for instant inspiration. Organized by color (hello, signature MDS blue!) this happy book walks readers through glorious livable space after glorious livable space.

A satisfying balance of images and text, this perfectly sized book skillfully showcases Mark's fresh take on relaxed interiors and their corresponding (equally impressive) outdoor spaces. Blessed with the luxury of the easy breezy (and gorgeous) California climate as a backdrop, Mark's livably luxe interiors exude aspirational glamour anchored by an unquestionable pet-friendly vibe. A glamorous golden Greek key & marble top entry console resides comfortably beside a decidedly unfussy woven storage basket causing you to think "why not?" each time you flip the page.

And then there are the boxwoods. Ahhh, the boxwoods. I could