Get Gorgeous in Dallas: My Go-To Pros for That Coveted Glow


From freshly colored locks to buttery smooth skin, every girl needs her go-to experts to help her look her best. And in Dallas, we are blessed with an abundance of flagship stores, blowout boutiques, top rated derms & other fantastic options. Too many, in face. Often, sifting through the sheer volume of choices can be overwhelming. Thankfully, among my friends I’m recognized as having a talent for finding “the one” and recommending the perfect people to address their needs. Now, I’m sharing hose with you! After almost a decade in Dallas, I have finally found my go-to dream team for skin, hair, face & body. And I can’t wait to share them all with you over the next few weeks!

GET READY… HERE’s how to Get Gorgeous in Dallas…



Hands down, Daniel Lewis is the best hair guru I’ve ever met. You may know him as stylist to the stars (he is not only friends with the beauties from Real Housewives of Dallas, he was also Bravo himself as a competitor on Sheer Genius). That aside, he’s a hair celebrity in his own right, and very in-demand with a loyal clientele. In upcoming posts, I’ll take you to his Aveda concept salon as I get my “hair did” by this hair coloring savant and cutting genius. Trust me, he is positively the best in the business and one of he nicest, most fun people I’ve ever met. I adore him and so will you!



Ahh, Dr. Stephanie Teotia. The only woman in town I trust implicitly with next-level skin care treatments. Dry Texas air is harsh on anyone’s skin, but those of us 30 and up are not shy about looking for a little restoration from sun damage, signs of aging and the stress of modern life. The lovely Dr. Teotia has a special gift for making you look like YOU, but somewhat refreshed. You’ll look as though you’ve finally had that trip to Tahiti & slept 10 hours each night. I can’t wait to tell you more about specialties, her in-office treatments, what I love having done and why she is a MUST on my get gorgeous squad and a wonderful person to top it off.



From cult classics like Omorovicza to that long awaited Victoria Beckham beauty line, the team at Neiman Marcus at Willow Bend in Plano have been my loyal skin care saviors for years. When I need the absolute best, there is no better resource for their vast selection of luxury essences, serums, plumping masks and such. They always have heir fingers on the cusp of innovative new products and hos many in-store meet & greets with brand CEOs & industry pros. They are my go-to resource for all things repair & replenish. I’ll show you my must-have skin care lineup & introduce you to the staff I can count on for insider tips & life-changing facials.



In addition to playing host to some of the most luxurious beauty brands in the business, Neiman Marcus Willow Bend crushes it when to comes to fragrance selection. With grandiose displays beginning the moment you enter the door, this iconic shopping location boasts more upscale perfume brands, posh home fragrance options and exclusive lines than you can count. Fan favorite Jo Malone anchors the space with a counter lined with their coveted bottles, exclusive releases and (of course) their incredible scents. I’ll share my personal favorites and introduce you to their trusty team who somehow know exactly what scent I need for a mood boost or change in attitude.



I agree with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: the best beauty “secret” really is a lit-from-within glow from being active & living healthy. There’s no faking a truly healthy glow. For me, this means attending early morning hot yoga at least 3 times a week (4 if possible) and eating clean. I’ll introduce you to Howard, Dalton, Tanya and the rest of the yogis that keep me glowing, flowing and blissed out from the best hot vinyasa classes around. I’ll also share my latest chocolate smoothie recipe which has (almost!) replaced my morning coffee and certainly given me a fitness boost.



Fancy yourself a pore vanishing treatment? A collagen stimulating facial? A crinkle banishing session? If you look closely within the popular skin care mecca Blue Mercury, you’ll discover a team of experts ready to make your lines disappear and restore that nymph-like rosy glow to your visage. Let me take you behind-the-scenes and share my favorite treatments at the Legacy Plano location as well as showcase their incredible range of hard-to-find brands & cult favorite products.



Experts & gurus are essential, and assembling your signature routine (while never being a slave to it) together is an art form. I’ve definitely edited my glamming “musts”, and found a few shortcuts in the process. In upcoming posts I’ll be sharing the facial cleanser I’m completely obsessed with (via the delightful Dr. Teotia), the skin-firming device I wish I’d discovered years ago (miraculous!) and my perennial get glam essentials. Stay tuned for skin care routine tricks, beauty sleep tips and hair styling hacks - all learned from these generous pros and my own time-tested experience.

So get ready to get gorgeous, ladies! have so much to share with you! And be sure to follow along on my Instagram stories so you don’t miss a thing!