Mind & Body: Overcome Your Case of the Workout Blahs...

We won't kid ourselves and imply I ever gave up yoga, but leaving the studio to maintain my practice at home has had mixed results at best. In the beginning it was easy to challenge myself and keep up (most) of the intensity that I found in classes with my favorite instructors. And then it hit. The plateau. The complete lack of enthusiasm for hitting the mat. The craving for more variety, for a longer sessions, for HEAT. Well... I'm back at it. And I'm headed into a new studio that emphasizes the style of yoga I crave. Their class list reads like a wish list "sweaty vinyasa flow" classes mixed with more intense power ashtanga sessions. I can't wait to step my foot back on the hard wood floors and get my flow on for those hour long workouts. 

But first... my yogi apparel needs a little lift. Here's what I'm presently loving (spoiler: there's quite a bit of pink!):


Why the urge to add to my workout apparel & accessories? Because sometimes a few new threads will get you excited about rolling out your mat. On that note, a new mat can often be inspiring and be a shortcut to setting your mind free and getting into the zone. Workout stagnation can sometimes be kickstarted by a bright sports bra, a cool gym tote or a flashy new fitbit bracelet. Is it superficial? Not really. It's like a change of scenery. Working from the "outside in" is often a way to quickly add new energy (mental and physical) and appeal to your internal feelings about your fitness routine.

What about you? Are you feeling the fitness "blahs" this summer? What are you doing to combat it? I encourage you to try something new. A new routine. A new location. A fresh outfit. A new activity. How about new playlist? Add something to the mix that motivates and inspires to you to get up and get moving. It's so very worth it. YOU are worth it.