Inspiration: When Flowers & Fashion Illustrations Become One

That moment when you realize there are talented souls like Hanaco Hanasakura creating remarkable creations with simple (yet fabulous) materials. Consider me humbled and a new fan. Follow her on instagram for more of her endless creativity!

Art + Design: A Metallic Printing Wonderland Awaits at Minted...

Minted may not be new to the on-demand art scene, but their willingness to offer up personalized metallic prints and limited edition foil-pressed artwork is a recent addition. They will foil-press silhouettes of a child or pet and send it to you framed & fabulous. What a lovely gift idea for grandparents and happy fur baby parents everywhere! If you're looking for a very personal holiday gift with metallic luster or simply want to adorn your walls with gilded creative inspiration, Minted may very well be the place to go. 

I recently added a framed version of Andrew McClintock's Golden Gait and Carrie O'Neill's Reach to my gallery. Not only did these beauties arrived lovingly packed, they each came with gallery backing, professional mounting hardware attached and a certificate of authenticity from the artists themselves. Beautiful presentation in shipping alone, and the real prize awaited inside. Each work is perfectly framed in the frame of your choice - I selected black to keep things modern, cohesive and versatile - and in a range of sizes. Some of the foil printed pieces are limited in scale, but if you're not bent of metallic finishes, you can certainly order that large-scale print you're crushing on. 

Me? I'm still loving the warmth from golden hues and shiny art. So I love their foil-pressed collection. I'll showcase a few favorites below. Did I mention they have ROSE gold as well? There's a pretty pink Eiffel Tower out there that could be yours. Note:  their Cyber Monday event is still going strong.  Receive 25% OFF all art & gifts and 20% off holiday cards with code CM2015 - but be forewarned, this offer ends TODAY! 


{Photos in this post are by yours truly, Franki Durbin}

Art & Design: Discovering Cristina Alonso's Elegant Illustrations...

Instagram is by far my favorite way to discover talented creatives. If you speak the language of visual beauty, flipping through stunning images as you fall asleep is about as close to meditation as you can get. The only downside (aside from lost beauty sleep)? Hoping you remember the gems you uncovered when you wake up. Fortunately for you and I Cristina Alonso's fashion illustrations were so unforgettable that I couldn't wait to share them with you.

While they gushing with a sexy modern vibe, there's a bit of Patrick Nagel's stylistic influence in her work. Remember him from that memorable Rio cover? Google it and you'll have to agree. But unlike Nagel's more minimalistic work, Christina's look goes further into the glamour zone. Her designs are lush, multi-dimensional and supremely feminine. I love her Peonies & Coco print the most (featured above). What a simple yet stunning piece to frame and feature over a desk or vanity. Girly and gorgeous, as I suspect Christina herself must be. 

If you're loving her pretty illustrations as I am, pop over to her online boutique and have a peek. Lots of glamorous pieces to enjoy. Want more? Instagram is the way to go. She offers sneak peeks of her process and works that have not yet hit her site. Suffice it to say she is mad talented, my friends. I know you'll appreciate gazing at the work of a passionate and quite talented artist. You. Are. Welcome. ;) 

Art & Design: Light & Shadowplay by Anila Quayyum Agha...

Isn't this lovely? I just love the idea of light & shadows as the elements of a massive art installation. These images showcase the work of Anila Quayyum Agha and the photos instantly transport me to exotic Morocco with those intricate lace-like patterns formed from the cutouts. This is a must see, and if you're in or around Dallas you can view this at the Dallas Contemporary.

Learn more about Anila here and then please... go get your art on, friends! xoxo

Art & Design: Let Your Art Speak For You...

Hope you're all having an amazing week so far. Today the topic of creativity came up over and over again in conversation. To celebrate artistic design in its many varied and wondrous forms, I've pulled together a few images of diverse abstract paintings that really "make" the space. Enjoy these and other inspiring works of art on this pinterest board. Until tomorrow... xoxo


Art & Design: Update on Terri McGhee Collection...

Do you recall my earlier post about my very talented artist neighbor? Well, her amazing abstract paintings are now officially for sale through the prestigious Saatchi online gallery. There you can choose from a few of her originals (hello, original paintings on stretched canvas!) or opt framed reproductions.  

If you could see these magnificent pieces in person you'd be so impressed by her texture and depth. These are not your ordinary abstracts. Terri applies dozens and dozens of layers of paint and other materials over a period of time to achieve a dimensional painting with fascinating subtleties to be seen and appreciated throughout the work. They are absolutely captivating. 

I find myself drawn to her blue and aquamarine pieces the most, but all of them are spectacular. If you're in the Dallas area, she also shows her work at Frisco Mercantile in Suite #914. There you'll find originals and framed giclee on canvas works of art available for purchase. 

Terri is an absolute doll and I know all of you have a fondness for art and artists. If you've ever created original works you know what it feels like to "put yourself out there" for the world to see. Terri is an incredible individual who has lived a very interesting life. 

Here's a bit more about her background and her artistic approach: 

Terri McGhee is a lifelong artist with a personal story as richly layered as her magnificent acrylic paintings. She graduated high school early to attend Bauder Fashion College in Miami. There, she earned a degree in fashion merchandising while also building a career as a model for legendary designer Christian Dior. Discovering she loved the limelight, Terri later enjoyed success as a performing artist singing solo concerts across the US.

Today, she celebrates her love of beautiful things through contemporary abstract paintings. Her goal as an artist is to inspire others to have an emotional response to her pieces. Art should speak to the viewer and perhaps trigger a memory of an occasion or spark inspiration in some way. Through her work as a contemporary abstract artist, Terri continues to bring people joy and express herself creatively.

Terri and her husband live in a suburb of Dallas, Texas. They are proud parents to two successful sons and an adorable pup named Buffy.

Each piece is unique, as it is an extension of Terri's feelings, mood and inspiration during the period in which it was created. Paintings vary greatly in color, scale and style in addition to an uncommon range of materials and techniques used in the creation of each painting.

One common thread that connects all of her painted works is her unique layering process. These are not simple designs that cover the canvas with a thin layer of random strokes. Each painting is the result of Terri's focus on developing texture, depth and a complex visual story. It is through this layering process, Terri believes, that her emotions are conveyed to the viewer and the art itself truly comes to life.

I encourage you to check out her site and her online gallery at Saatchi. Have a lovely day! 

Art & Design: Abstract Artist Terri McGhee...

I've recently had the pleasure of discovering the work of Terri McGhee. This talented creative force actually lived just a few doors down the street. While it may seem that the abstract painting market is saturated, when I saw her work I was floored.

Her beautiful techniques vary widely from piece to piece, and her color palette seems to know no boundaries. I am truly impressed by the range demonstrated in her body of work. Each beautiful canvas looks so wonderfully different from the next!

What makes her intriguing is her layered background. Terri earned a degree in fashion merchandise buying, but while doing so was also earning success as a model for Christian Dior. Imagine the feeling of walking on stage in those magnificently designed gowns and dresses, all while studying the industry from the inside out.

Later she went on to be a singer, performing on stage for audiences all across the country. She somehow managed to squeeze all of that "life" in while raising two sons with her husband. Fast forward to "now" on her life timeline and we see her expressing herself via these magnificent abstracts. Aren't all great artist stories varied and interesting like this? I believe so. 

Here are just a few of my favorite pieces from her portfolio. Wondering where to order her art for your walls? That's coming soon. You'll be hearing more about Terri McGhee's work here over the coming months... so stay tuned art fans!