Boutiquing: Kendra Scott Steps Outside the Jewelry Box...

You may have missed that Kendra Scott quietly launched a collection of elegant products for the home this season. From elegant stone trays to sleek acrylic & brass jewelry stands, the home accents allow the Texas jewelry designer's modern feminine style to find spaces in your home far outside the jewelry box. 

At first glance the collection reminded me of Aerin Lauder's collection, due to the strong use of brass and clean lines. Upon closer examination though I fully appreciate Kendra's collection as featuring artisan pieces in keeping with her established brand styling. Semiprecious stone, stunning filagree metalwork and the "choose your stone" options are hallmarks of the Kendra Scott brand aesthetic. These lovely new pieces have all the hallmarks of Kendra's detailed jewelry designs while still firmly placing her (high heeled) feet into the interior design space. Kudos to her for this stunning premier group of accessories. I can hardly wait to see what she dreams up next. 

We stopped by the Plano location on Sunday afternoon to have a spin around the boutique and see the glistening goodies in person. Here are a few standout pieces I love for dressing up your ears, wrists, vanity, tables or bookshelves. Thanks to Kendra, the choice is now yours. 


    Seriously up-level your close organization with these two remarkable pieces. Can you imagine a dreamier way to display your own jewelry? Note that I'm getting both sizes for myself and encouraging all of my clients to add them to their vanities as well. Available in small & large.
    Brilliant idea on Kendra's part. The gemstone inspired nail colors (think: shimmery druzy & iridescent shimmer) take at-home mani's to glamorous new heights. Choose from dozens of colors.
    Dazzling in person, these statement earrings are just as fierce with denim and leather as they are with a lace top & tulle skirt. You'll reach for them all the time. Your ears deserve these. .  
    Such an elegant way to organize your perfumes and whatnots. I love a glamorous tray and this amethyst one is anything but ordinary. Choose from a variety of stones.
    Perfect for storing anything you choose, I LOVE a good lidded box. This one has ornate geometric filagree sides giving it exotic texture. The quartz point handle at the top is absolute perfection. Choose the stone type of your choice on top and select from a few various metals. I love gold, of course! Available in square & rectangular.
    Hello, lover! I love the slightly edgy vibe of this sculptural cuff. Notice the pave crystal embellishment here & there giving it a rawness that keeps your look fresh and modern. Shop it here.


Boutiquing: Dallas Loves Draper James...

The initial Draper James love-fest swept the social scene when Reese opened her original Nashville location, but the recently opened Dallas boutique has converted me into a full on brand fan. Greeted at the open door (did I mention it was a high gloss cobalt blue paneled door with bold brass details?) with cheerful staff offering sweet tea, it was instant love. That Mark D. Sikes decor is at once posh (I'm looking at you, brass & gilt details) and openly approachable. Pale wood floors, iconic blue and white wallpaper and plump white twill seating encouraged the "sit down and stay a while" vibe.  The atmosphere is southern hospitality with more than just a pinch of preppy sophistication.

Looks aside, the merchandise is what stole the show for me. Familiar with the oft Instagrammed totes and clutches bearing the sweet southern phrases like Darlin' & Totes Y'All, I was pleasantly impressed by the high quality tailored dresses and accessories on hand. Tasteful floral dresses, classic wool camel coats and just enough tweed to make me pine for a trust fund to call my own. Swoon!. Draper James offers wear it now, love it forever favorites perfect for the modern belle - southern or not. If you haven't experienced the brand's fashion up close, I would liken the quality & style to Tory Burch meets Trina Turk: preppy with a cheeky wink. I am absolutely smitten.

Moving on to the housewares, this is the area my fellow Instagram babes adore. Silver mint julep cups, graphic serving trays, gold-rimmed plaid cocoa mugs, and linens embroidered with playful phrases keep the vibe light & playful. It's impossible not to love what Reese has created. And the book selection? I do love a good table stacked with design books and Draper James did not disappoint. Set atop a long blue & gold two-tiered table were enough gorgeous lifestyle books to inspire enviable "shelfies" for weeks to come.

So there you have it, friends. Draper James has settled in and invited us in for drinks. I am so incredibly happy to have a Dallas location to visit for hostess gifts, pretty dresses and unexpected little accents. My girls and I absolutely loved our time at the boutique (that sweet tea won my mini-me's over instantly!) and can't wait to go back for more. Thank you, Reese, for bringing southern style & elegant substance to Highland Park Village. It's the happy little knowing wink we all needed!





Boutiquing: Dipping into Eco-Friendly Oeuf NYC...

{swim images via  OeufNYC  // nursery images via  babycubby  //  Shoptadpole  //  Project Nursery }

{swim images via OeufNYC // nursery images via babycubby // Shoptadpole // Project Nursery}

Sometimes a girl just needs a warm modern option, doesn't she? The word warm is key here. While sleek modernity is everywhere you look, often the austere style is created at the expense of developing an inherent human connection to the aesthetic. Thankfully there are brands out there with a softer spin on modern, 

Oeuf is one such brand that continues to get on my radar thanks to their cozy spin on modern fashion and furnishings. Whereas some brands lean too stark, Oeuf maintains a sophisticated spin on minimalist Swedish style. The family-founded business was created on the belief that one need not compromise quality or ethics for the sake of style. The result of their commitment to responsibly designed fashion and furniture is a collection of eco-friendly products that look neither retro nor futuristic.but perfectly timeless. Those streamlined silhouettes have a classic appeal that could play perfectly with any existing design style. 

Above I'm showing new pix from their upcoming swim collection as well as a few pretty nursery images. As with all intelligently designed products, Oeuf isn't locked into the baby stage. The furnishings & decor are designed to grow with your family, allowing a dresser or bookcase to flow from one room to another. And those swim pieces? Adorable! Don't miss these and other great selections from Oeuf NYC.


Boutiquing: Fine Luxury Linens from Kimberly House...

{Photos via yours truly, Franki Durbin}

{Photos via yours truly, Franki Durbin}

Easter is behind us, so it's on with summer decorating for me. Gone are the pastel objects that make egg hunt season so fun, and onward with colors and accents that remind us that summer is coming. 

Over the years I've developed a lovely selection of coral and shells that make tablescaping so much easier. This year I've added a few new linens to the mix in an effort to up my entertaining game. Embroidered linen pretty much makes me weak in the knees, and when I spied the Ornament collection from Kimberly House my eyes lit up like fireflies. Hand embroidered table runners and napkins just give a dining table that special vibe that shows your guests you're thrilled they came. It's the smallest of details that make the difference, and this is where these hemstitch accents really shine.


On my table: Kim Seybert Placemats (similar above) but all are gorgeous! // Williams Sonoma Water Goblets // Bianca Dinnerware // Mini Starfish // Assorted Coral & here

I'm using the Ornament Runner & Napkins to set the stage for summer dining. Frankly, the site offers so many beautiful creations you might be challenged to find just one design you like. But for me, a medallion type design always steals the show and looks timeless. 

The overall vibe of Kimberly House is one of finely made goods crafted from natural, high quality materials. Think: beautiful living with simple, elegant details. Products range from linens and towels, to purses and candles, table runners, napkins, and even a baby line which features quilts, sheets, sleep sacks, clothing, and adorable bib and burp cloth sets. With baby shower season quickly approaching (is it ever really NOT baby shower season?) I thought you'd love knowing these amazing gifts options were available. Bonus: these selections are so uncommon you'll be the only one at the fete with your special gift in tow.

About my images: Pardon the poor lighting, it's a hideous day here and I was eager to get my styling done today. Clearly there's more to do to set the stage for my summer-inspired table, but the sweet team at Kimberly House has been gracious enough to create a special offer just for you. 20% off your ENTIRE purchase. An elegant discount just when you need it - tax time! 


Simply use code FRANKI20 at checkout April 15-May 1 for 20% off the entire Kimberly House site. Amazingly generous, of them! I hope you'll enjoy topping your table and adorning your home with these supremely fine linens. I can't wait to choose a few more. 


Boutiquing: Smitten by Smitten


What's not to love about a children's boutique that focuses on handmade goods and artisan products. Smitten was launched by a mom of two looking for quality products not likely to be found at those mega baby emporiums that dot the city landscape. You'll find no plastic noisemakers here. These are open-ended play toys that spark fire in a child's imagination and strive to bring back the magic of those special younger years. Children (of all ages) will love these handcrafted toys that invite creativity back into the home. 


Be Happy Letterpress Print  //  Alphabet Set  //  Coloring Placemats  //  Greek Alphabet Blocks

Boutiquing: Calypso St. Barth

We all have our weaknesses. For some, it's a full-bodied burgundy. For others, it's rich chocolate. Moi? A high-ceilinged boutique with an intoxicating mix of home decor, books and impressively crafted clothing. I'm speaking, of course, about Calypso St. Barth. Our Dallas location is not so much a store as it is an experience. Rockstar parking right in the front of this lovely retail hotspot is the first hint that you're in for a treat. But beyond the massive swinging glass door awaits a mental vacation far away from all worries in life other than "do you have this in my size" (and impressively, they always do). 

So let's talk shop, shall we? Calypso has long been one of my favorite brands. It transcends location and lifestyle. One look at a bejeweled kaftan and you are instantly transported to heaven on earth, wherever that may be for you. And yet, for all my years of online shipping with Calypso I see now that I've truly been missing out on the full brand experience.

My trip to the Dallas location taught me many things. The longstanding success of the brand is surely built upon its people. It's the warmth of the team that walks upon the perfecly bleached floors that makes each in-store experience so special. These ladies truly know what works for each client and what doesn't. Notice I said client, not customer. There is never a feeling of being sold.

As I buzzed about the store I witnessed great care being taken of their regular clientele. Personal needs and preferences being listened to attentively. Stories being shared. Items being admired. But it was more than that.. these were friends visiting as much or moreso than outfits being tried on. It's all about relationships... building a brand by building relationships one at a time. That is how great brands are built. I had the priviledge of meeting many of the team members this past Saturday and was so impresssed by their graciousness and - not surprisingly - genuine love of the artisan quality of the pieces in their boutique. 

From beautifully adorned jackets to hand-sewn pillows, quality and craftsmanship is what Calypso offers. These treasures sell themselves, which allows the staff to focus on understanding your preferences and needs. They each had intimate knowledge of every item on the floor in an instant could locate a jewel of an item in just your size. It was magical. As gorgeous as their wares are, it was the quiet passion of the people at Calypso  - their attentiveness and their willingness to listen -  that sets them apart.

So.. who is the Calypso client? Is it the girl on the go about to board a jet? Yes, but it's also her artsy friend who appreciates the handmade craftsmanship of Kaanas shoes or original artisinal jewelry. Let's not overlook the draw of Calypso's home interior collection. Art buyers of all walks can count on finding gallery quality pieces on the walls ready to be hung at home. Interior designers can always count on Calypso's unusual mix of accents to truly finish a space. Pillows, blankets, sofas, tables, rugs, accessories... these are not things most might associate with the brand, and yet they have a standout selection that rivals some Design District showrooms.

The buzzword these days is "lifestyle" brand... but few companies actually embody the meaning of that word. Calypso, in my opinion, is one of the original pioneers of the lifestyle brand. They live it, breathe it and are making every effort to help you infuse their effortless luxury frame of mind into your closet, your home and your mind.

Designers can shop Calypso to discover brilliant treasures like exotic Moroccan wedding blankets, one-of-a-kind Indian daybeds and beautifully framed art for clients that infuse a laid-back luxe vibe to a space. Dress shoppers might find a gloriously sequined maxi to take home and a delicious smelling bedside candle treats their senses to something far from ordinary. While discovering the perfect pair of AG slim-fit white jeans you might also discover a dusty rose Tibetan Lamb pillow that adds a much needed touch of relaxed chic to your living room. The Calypso experience is completely comprehensive... you leave the store feeling optimistic and refreshed.

If you haven't visited your local boutique I encourage you to treat yourself this week. If you can't make it in, shop online. To make it more special you can save by using code GCSPRING2014FB at checkout. There, you'll save $50 on $300, $150 on $600 or $300 on $1000. 

I, for one, found some incredible pieces while in store and can't wait to channel some of that effortless ease into my daily life. Calypso will now always be top of mind when I'm looking for inspiring pieces as well as fabulous classics. I could gush on and on about my fabulous tour of the store, but I really just want you to experience it for yourself. 

If you're in Dallas or the surrounding area, go visit Julie and the team and expect to be wowed by their warmth and their beautiful in-store experience. Tell them Franki sent you... you never know, I might just be there in the fitting rooms trying on more lovely pieces! After all... every girl deserves a "pink bag experience" of her own. Happy shopping

Boutiquing: Anthology House

anthology house

Into every life (or home, as it were) a little patina must fall. In my opinion, something with a little age and history makes a room so much more interesting. Though I don't consider myself a typical fan of vintage wares, when I stumbled upon Anthology House on etsy my appreciation of the genre was immediate.

The team behind this boutique, Amy & Alyse, have an eye for bits of glam and unique finds. From brass cranes to disco ball ice buckets (yeah, baby!) these "objets" ooze the Regency glamour of a Trina Turk photo shoot in Palm Springs.  

I'll be posting more of their chic finds throughout the month of June and digging in deeper with an interview with this talented duo. We'll uncover their treasure hunting secrets as well as learning more about what inspires their entrepreneurial drive. 

In the meantime, follow their daily style adventures on Instagram & twitter & like them on facebook. But don't miss their fabulous blog where their style mojo really shines. 

Boutiquing: Tiny Giraffe...

In my never ending quest to keep you (and I) far away from the nearest baby emporium, I present to you these incredible wooden alphabet and number blocks. This hand-sanded, illustrated set of 12 wooden blocks makes for a terrific gift. Although I can see it as a conversation piece for a baby shower (everyone will fawn over these!), I can assure you that even three and four year olds will enjoy finding ways to use these for play.

Where are they from, you ask? Etsy. That's right. I found them a little boutique called tiny giraffe™. They were designed in collaboration with fellow etsy vendor Drawn to Letters. The resulting product is a gorgeous set of educational cubes featuring bright watercolor drawings by Drawn to Letters' Joanne Gilbert. Letters A-Z are paired with corresponding drawings, perfect for teaching baby letters and sounds. Numbers 0-9 are paired with corresponding vivid 'candy' dots, making them a great tool for learning to count and recognize both colors and numbers.

The only potential problem I see with these is their beauty. A mom like me may be tempted to keep them artfully arranged on a shelf or bookcase rather then pulling them down for play. But don't fall victim to that. These smooth cubes have been lovingly sanded by hand and are perfectly safe for use. The wood is untreated and chemical-free, and the blocks are finished with non-toxic, water-based sealant for durability. So... let the toys be toys!

See the rest of the boutique's beautiful creations here.

All artwork ©Joanne Gilbert 2009-2012 All photos and text ©tiny giraffe, LLC 2009-2012. tiny giraffe™ All Rights Reserved

Boutiquing: The Iron Bed

One of my most indulgent guilty pleasures is spending time in a nearby boutique known as The Iron Bed. How do I describe this dreamy, upscale experience...? It's heaven on earth. Seriously. One pass through the store has the calming equivalent of a good night of sleep and a hot yoga class. There's an ease and a grace to the store, which is atypical of most retail experiences. 

While the name might imply that sell the obvious, iron beds, they are so much more than that. They do have lovely plump beds throughout the store adorned with the most marvelous luxury textiles, but they are a mere portion of what is available. Imported French home fragrances, Hickory Chair pieces, plush linens, SDH bedding, Bliss Studio pillows and a bounty of other ultra luxurious lines round out their product mix. 

To say that I love this store is an understatement. I could almost literally live there, it is so uplifting. I credit this to head interior designer, Breanna Davis and her creative point of view. You see, The Iron Bed is not merely a lovely Plano boutique for procuring lovely decorative objects. They offer personalized interior design services as well.  

Breanna is the interior design talent to credit for the magical environment. Her aesthetic is refined and undeniably European in nature, but never fussy or forced. The resulting look of the store is a lovely melange of glistening and gorgeous pieces that seem to just fall perfectly into place in this dreamy little boutique. 

In addition, she is surrounded by a wildly talented and attentive team. I've never been in a store that caters so attentively to their clientele. Each designer on staff is incredibly knowlegeable, imaginative and eager to volunteer ideas or show you hidden gems you might have missed along your path.  

Whether you're seeking those special accents to finish off a project or you're in the mood to completely rethink your home's interiors, you're guaranteed to find a sophisticated French-inspired solution to your design woes at this luxurious little shop. 

One thing is clear, The Iron Bed offers something to their client base they won't find elsewhere. Those of you seeking and inspired one-of-a-kind look will be delighted with what you discover inside the glass doors of this shop. It's simply marvelous. Trust me. 

Call them at 469.232.9880 or visit them online for a closer look at their intoxicating melange of offerings.