Buon Weekend: Love Your Life By Living in the Moment...

{Photo via yours truly, Franki Durbin}

{Photo via yours truly, Franki Durbin}

What a week! Wonderful awakenings of mind, body & soul. Do you ever feel as though you're making new discoveries daily? As though life, similar to a rose, is blooming and unveiling itself to you a bit more each day? That's my moment. I'm taking it in all of its stages and striving to embrace the journey. Here's to a marvelous weekend of blessings and experiences for all of us. Happy Friday to you! 


Now please... do me a favor and put down your phone, shut the laptop, turn off the DVR. Go have some fun. With REAL people. People you live in places you adore. Do things that fill you with happiness. Do things that feed your soul. Crumple up your to do list and see if you can figure out what's REALLY important. The answer might just surprise you. 

Buon Weekend: Take it Outside...

This week marked a small but subtle change in my life. I moved my yoga practice outside. The first evening I was serenaded by the moon up high in blue cloudy sky while it was still daylight. As I moved through my poses I'd see it and smile. The next morning it was quite possibly the most perfect outdoor morning ever. Picture perfect blue skies, puffy white clouds and perfect temps: Not too coo, not too sunny. 

Although I find yoga to be excellent for clearing my head, I realized I need more greenery outside. Let's just say I'm all about improving my "yoga studio" this year to accommodate my new location for my vinyasa flow. 

Dallas, you see, has but three seasons: sleet, perfection and summer. Right now we're in that weird moment of perfection that seems to last forever and at the same time only half a moment. Spring and fall are fabulous here but never last quite as long as you'd like them to. Our sole goal as locals is to dine on every patio, walk every path and shop every outdoor plaza during these fleeting moments of outdoor bliss. 

Coming up this weekend: a review of Charlotte Moss Garden Inspirations. Expect to see much more on the topic of beautifying your outdoor spaces. Trust me on this: it's worth it. 

Buon Weekend: Embrace Your Undeniable Glow...

{image via  PicPicx.com }

{image via PicPicx.com}

Happy (last day of) the weekend! If you're hustling hard, I hope you'll at least enjoy some of the day with a bit of "you" time. And let's talk about you, while we're on the topic. You're magical, you know? Yes you. You are a unique and amazing creature born to do incredible things. Things only you were destined to do. Personal expressions of your individual talents and yearnings. Things that if you don't do will simply go undone.  

It's easy to forget that you have a specific purpose in this life, but you shouldn't. You need to embrace the essence of your true self and celebrate "you" more often. Decide that you're happy being you and do something nice for yourself today. Stretch your mind and your body. Paint your toenails. Read a best seller. Breathe in the early fall air. Embrace today and yourself. You only get one of each.


Buon Weekend: Embrace the Change...

Perhaps your climate is different, but here in Dallas it went from hot (as in bright sun & 95) to cool (70's and overcast) in a heartbeat. Autumn has always been one of my favorite seasons for many reasons. One of which is the dramatic impact the season has on daily life. Layer upon marvelous layer of fashion, hugging cups of warm tea, decorating for the holidays. It's a time of transformation on so many levels and I adore it.

As the mercury has fallen, I've been making some seemingly minor changes here on the site that I'm excited to share with you! First up, the big announcement...


My small but growing collection of art and upholstery are now online. You can shop right here on the site and have these items shipped to you anywhere in the continental US. Dallas area designers & friends, save on shipping with local pickup. I've been selling my wares to local boutiques and interior designers in the Dallas are for a while, but this is the first time I've opened sales up for purchasing online. Custom orders are also available, so don't be shy if you are looking for a fresh painting or have questions about the Mongolian wool piecesVISIT THE BOUTIQUE


Instagram friends might already be familiar with this, but I've only recently added this feature to the blog. For those of you curious about which exact boots I'm wearing in a photo or where you can get that pretty demitasse, I've made my Instagram feed shoppable. Just click on any of the images below to see where to find the item or items of your choice. This functionality is also present in the footer of every page and will update with each new Instagram post. I think you'll love the ease of use and fast "where did she get that?" answers. FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM

More fabulous improvements are in the works, as are my REALLY exciting annual holiday gift guides. These are always a big hit and this year I have a few fun shopping tricks up my sleeve. I am VERY eager to share them with you! Stay tuned, lovely friends!


Buon Weekend: Embracing The New and Releasing the Old...

The past few weeks I've been diving in to Skillshare almost daily taking a wide range of online classes. With merely my MacBook and my cup of tea I'm learning everything I can possibly learn about...well, everything. In addition to some pretty incredible new tech & art skills , the most beneficial side effect has been a renewed sense of excitement and passion for life. That feeling of being unstoppable, sharp-minded and highly charged is beyond fabulous. It's healthy. It's welcomed. It's refreshing. it's empowering.

It prompts me to ask... what are you learning? What new things are you reaching for? What old beliefs are you discarding? Are you evolving and growing? Are you stretching your mind and body. It's not optional, you know. Life requires change. Personal happiness requires growth. 

Now that I've tapped into this tingly excitement of fresh ideas I can't help but want you to feel the same renewed (or new) sense of excitement. This isn't so much a post about Skillshare, it's a post about growth. I hope you are pushing yourself and training your body to do new things and expanding your knowledge in some area. Grow. Change. Discover new things. Do new things. Experience new things. See new places. Meet new people. And don't be afraid to let go of what no longer works for you. 

And did I mention it's somehow changing from a blistering summer into a cozy fall? Is anything more joy inducing than that sudden and very necessary season shift? It is absolutely perfect for the internal mental shift I'm experiencing. I hope you'll join me in my confident step forward into the new. It's much more fun here. 

If you're curious, you can enjoy three free months of the premium membership at Skillshare for just 99 cents! Not only could you learn to watercolor like a pro, you might also discover ways to make a chef-worthy grilled cheese sandwich. Not kidding. :) 



Buon Weekend: Lazy Summer Days...

I love glancing back at the days behind me just before closing the book on the week. Was it meaningful? Was it fun? What captured my attention? How did I spend my precious hours? By the looks of it, I'm living right and giving my focus to the right people. I hope you're having a fantastic week yourself! Spend your days well... they add up the become your entire life. Celebrate those small moments, as they are actually the important ones! 



Buon Weekend: Sunday Dreaming...

Sundays are for daydreaming and soaking in the moment. In my case it's also an opportunity for wanderlust to overtake the mind and a deep longing for "elsewhere" to begin. Here where I'd love to be today... Paris. Watching the world wake up from the balcony, sipping coffee at a cafe, enjoying gelato while exploring the city and finishing wth a rich bubble bath with a spectacular view of the la tour Eiffel. How do you dream of spending your Sunday?

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Buon Weekend: Making Moments Matter...

{image  via Nordstrom }

Sunday isn't over but I can happily say I've been "present" all weekend. Fully engaged with every activity, every interaction, every conversation. Attentiveness allows you to capture moments, and moments will be the sum total of your life. Chase them, embrace them, seek them, enjoy them. I can only hope your days have had some taste of this and the sunny season to come and more than one or two special moments that made you smile. May the rest of your day be exquisite and may you bask in the sunlight of those around you. Happy weekend, loves! 


Buon Weekend: Sundays Are For...

Sundays (especially those of the torrential rainstorm variety) are exquisite treats in my world. This rare gift from the weather gods gives me the excuses I need to stay in and fully indulge myself. No driving to hot yoga class today (even tough my absolute fave teacher is leading the sweat session this morning). No errands. No goals more lofty than enjoying the perfect cappuccino and reading this stack of books staring back at me on the nightstand. In bed. All day. Thank you, lovely spring storm, for the day of rest I truly needed.  If you can, sleep in a bit today. Laze around a bit today. Recharge yourself. Consider an at-home pedicure an achievement. Strive for indulgent bliss. Finally read those pretty books you collect. See what Bravo has to offer. Dive into those glossy magazines you receive but rarely read. Wear your most cherished perfume. Meditate while wearing a hydrating sheet mask. Drink lemon water. Appreciate the heady fragrance of a bouquet of fresh roses. Take a midday nap. Delight yourself. Enjoy yourself. Pamper yourself. Finally reward yourself with a day of much needed "you" time. I promise this: you absolutely deserve it. 

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Buon Weekend: In Celebration of Doing Less (Much Less)...

After a prolonged period of going, going, going with little to no break, I paused for a mini spa day this week. A deep tissue massage followed by one of the best pedicures of my life should have had me on cloud nine. As it turned out, it revealed to me just how much tension I'm hiding in my body and how much further I have to go to fully and truly relax. The first step? Sleep: nature's refresher.

This weekend I encourage you to embrace the desire to do less. Much less. Consider reading that growing stack of magazines... in your jammies. Watch a movie... from the comfort of your bathtub. Sip your coffee... while wearing a luxurious facial mask & deep conditioning treatment. Order dinner in. Put off those optional tasks.

Discover what it's like to do LESS this weekend. Embrace the art of stillness. Open yourself up to the idea of accomplishing very little. Invite in a little nap today. You might be surprised to discover you are in dire need of more rest. Your mind & body will thank you! 

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Buon Weekend: Looking Ahead to the New Year...

{via  Pinterest   // cited as Model Gloria Nyaega. Photography - Adham Abou-Shehada. Mua - State of Face. Hair Stylist - Cassi Young-Paxton SC | SC on Facebook}

{via Pinterest  // cited as Model Gloria Nyaega. Photography - Adham Abou-Shehada. Mua - State of Face. Hair Stylist - Cassi Young-Paxton SC | SC on Facebook}

Happy New Year, beautiful friends. We did it! A new year, a fresh start, a wide open future that each of us has the ability to design. Yes, design. Life isn't happening to you. You are drawing experiences and things into your life. Whether consciously or not, you are designing y our present (and future) experience. Knowing this, perhaps it is time you were a bit more intentional designing this lovely, but brief, life of yours. 

Whether or not you make resolutions, you certainly should be making goals. And what better time to do so than the first day of a brand new year? Today find a still moment - just a moment - to come up with a specific goal for the year. Make it very specific. Spell out something in as much detail as possible. Is one goal too few? Awesome. Then make a brief list of actionable, achievable (or wildly outrageous, if you're like me) goals. Write them down. These should inspire thrill in you. These should start a soul fire deep within your heart. These should be the type of list that a non-believer might scoff at if they see it. But you aren't like them. You're not a hollow shell drifting through your existence. You're different. You are amazing. You are powerful.  

Then these big goals down in a journal or on whatever you have on hand today. Write them down and make them a part of your new year. 

My message to you this year? You are powerful beyond your own comprehension. You are dazzling, powerful and bold. YOU CAN ACHIEVE ANYTHING you apply focus to, so be certain you focus only on great things. After all, you are a life designer with a fabulous plan. 


Buon Weekend: Quality over Quantity...

{Photo via yours truly,  Franki Durbin }

{Photo via yours truly, Franki Durbin}

May your weekend be rich with meaning and quality time. Cool mornings, welcome winds and bright sunshine all make me very happy. I've moved my yoga routine outdoors again and am enjoying sunshine bright and early (and also avoiding those midday temperature swings we still have in the south). I hope your weekend has been excellent and you've found joy in small things and happiness in little moments. Enjoy it! 


Buon Weekend: For the Love of Saturdays...

Some weeks we really earn these days off, don't we? While productive, I have to admit much of my week was filled with stress. It's clear I need to hit the reset button on my emotions and spend a bit of time unplugged for these two days. This weekend I commit to drinking plenty of filtered water, moving my body, eating foods that nourish, reading printed pages (not digital ones), soaking in the fall sunshine, breathing fresh air and enjoying my offline conversations with those around me. Sounds divine, doesn't it?

I hope you are able to carve out time to reset your mood as well. Hit pause. Reboot body mind and soul. Try something new - or try to do nothing at all. Do what it takes to make these to days restore your soul before Monday rolls around. Investing in yourself is always a wise investment. 

Recharge. Reset. Reward yourself! xoxo


Buon Weekend: Lessons on Laziness...

Let's just put it out there: my definition of lazy will likely not be yours. It's 9:13 on a Sunday and I have yet to workout. I don't even have my yoga gear on. Yesterday I slept until 8:11. To me, this qualifies as SUPER lazy - and I'm sort of proud of it because it is very difficult for me to chill out and work on the art of doing less. 

With my husband out of town and my littles being up for whatever mommy has in store, it's been a phenomenal few days. We shopped, we dined on patios, we strolled into cafes, we spent time by the water, we slept, we laughed, we played. It's been amazing. 

The key? Putting that phone down. Just put it down. Eye contact. Conversation. Connection. With those who mean so much to you. So, this is just a quick post to give you a nudge on your Sunday to perhaps NOT be a super-achiever. Perhaps today give yourself permission to lounge, sip coffee in bed, read a book (not on a screen) and maybe even work on your nap-taking skills. I grant you full permission to be lazy today. You deserve it. 


(Tip: on lazy weekends I like to let a few skin care products do the heavy lifting to recharge my skin. And a cute romper just makes you feel all girly & pretty.)

Buon Weekend: Anything is Possible...

I don't know about you, but I'm definitely due for a good weekend. And by good I mean FUN. It's raining and glum here (where are you, Texas sun???) but we'll make the best of it and get creative with our days. I hope you're somewhere fabulous sinking your toes in the sand and warming yourself by a pool with a great book and even better friends. If not, perhaps you'll imagine the possibilities and create a little sunshine of your own. Life is too short to live average days! 

Buon Weekend: What I ❤ This Week...

What a week. It's as if life - like those dormant tulip bulbs - decided to reinvent themselves as new and more beautiful forms. Me? I'm working on reinventing myself, one pretty new blusher and flare skirt at a time. Yes, it goes deeper than that, but periodically a shortcut to reinvention is to begin with what you can see and work inwards. A slight life refresh might just be what I need, and what better time than spring? With that, here's what I am loving this week: 


Dermatology appointments via your iPhone with Spruce. Not kidding. The future is indeed here. Alas, Texas is not yet one of the states offering this service, but those of you in NY, PA, FL and CA are in luck. Download the new app for derm advice & prescriptions for just $40 without ever stepping foot in an office. 


Beauty bloggers make me so, so happy. Where do I begin with the massive list of girls worth reading? I'll start with my present faves: the Beauty Professor, Lily Pebbles, and Vivianna Does Makeup. There are dozens of others I read, but these do a great job of getting into the nitty gritty of each product they get their manicured paws on. Why the addiction? Fiscal sanity, frankly. Studying their likes, dislikes and weeding out winners from losers at the department store beauty department saves me tremendous time and energy. And, you bet: dinero. That's not to say you won't have to get out and get samples yourself to find your beauty & skin care mainstays, but these girls work hard to reviews new (and existing) products so you don't have to. 


My mother LOVED to make quiche when I was growing up. While I always assumed it was due to it's creamy texture and flavorful taste, I'm also keen to suspect she realized it was a brilliant solution to lazy Sunday brunches. While I prefer frittatas for their crustless (and gluten-free) ways, the spirit of the recipe is still the same. Mix it. Bake it. Enjoy it. I've rounded up a few great recipes here, here and here to help you navigate your Easter brunch contribution like a boss. 

Hosting? Bake a frittata, pair with a leafy salad, offer homemade sparkling lemonade and call it a day. You win the hostess game. Pro tip: add (nitrate-free) bacon, no matter the recipe. Everyone will thank you and come back for seconds. Oh, and did you know these are easily made to be paleo-friendly? Bonus, right? 

New to frittatas? They are God's gift to chic but busy hostesses everywhere. Seriously. Get schooled with this handy list from Bon Appetit outlining a few pitfalls to avoid while preparing these one-dish wonders. 


It's that time again. Spring. Which means legs and skin must be ready for use and maximum exposure. Me? I'm all about workouts that require little more than body weight. Yoga ranks high, as do those Brazilian workouts guaranteed to lift your rear into gear. Try this 5 minute workout and Ali Kamenova's wide range of yoga videos. I also like to mix in a little Ballet Beautiful when I can. Get moving, mix it up, start juicing, drink lots of water and clean up your diet - fast. Spring is already here. 


Warms days mean heading outside every chance we get. It also means drawing inspiration from neighbors and magazines for how to de-winter your home. I'm crushing on pretty floral wreaths for my front door and boxwood wreaths layered over mirrors. I'm also planting herbs for our kitchen windowsills like it's going out of style. Hopefully this is the year my green thumbs emerge in lieu of my traditional plant-killer signature style. 

Here are a few faves from Terrain, which is quickly becoming my new shopping obsession as it offers major horticulture inspiration. Even for those of us with a rack record for killing even the most hardy of plants. Hey, a girl can dream, right? 

Spring in Bloom Wreath // Quilted Pot Blooming Oregano // Larkspur Garden Wreath

Happy weekend, everyone! 


Buon Weekend: Lit from Within...

Your happiness is yours and yours alone to own. No one can steal your joy, your fire or your passion for life. Own it. Happy Friday to you all. May your weekend be filled with purpose, laughter and light. 



Buon Weekend: Make It Beautiful, Make It Count...

This was a week of major hustle. Thanks to a fresh dose of "life is too short" inspiration I've taken great strides to live each day with a make it count mentality. This means actively pursuing every dream I harbour, every goal I possess and every passion I hold in my heart. 

The results of living an "all in" life cannot be disputed. I've checked off more lingering tasks on my accomplishment list than you could imagine. I've laughed more, seen more people, had deeper conversations and strengthened many emotional bonds with friends and family.

Why do I share this? Because the concept of being "all in" was a simple one that crystalized much of my thinking for 2014. Moving forward it has allowed me to focus only on those things which are truly key for my life. It causes you to be more selective of your investment of time (a finite resource) and energy (an easily extinguished resource). Being "all in" means giving fully and freely to those people and activities and interests you hold dear. It means turning down the volume on distractions. It means living with more passion and far more purpose. 

Done consistently, being "all in" results in a fulfilling experience dotted with productive days and memorable moments. As a creator (to borrow from Jonathan Adler who calls himself a "maker") it means I'm designing and creating almost every day. It translates into inspired Ideas that become beautiful results. Being "all in" means being a "doer" not a dreamer. It it the opposite of hesitation and self doubt. Being "all in" means you act upon your inspired thoughts and nudges from the heart Without hesitation. You listen to that still small voice that guides you and you leave no room for doubt. It means living a more tapped in existence. It is a beautiful thing. 

What about you. Are you all in? I promise... life is far more fun this way! On that note, I can't wait to share with you some of the creative projects I've been working on of late. Have a lovely weekend, everyone! 


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Buon Weekend: Fly...

Indeed, darling. What if you fly? Happy Weekend!