Celebrity Living: Raving About Radziwill's Redecorated NYC Retreat...

Carole Radziwill Living Room via Architectural Digest
Carole Radziwill at home via Architectural Digest

Carole Radziwill's style has always intrigued me. From her pedigreed sofa (given to her by Lee Radziwill, mother-in-law, tastemaker and sister of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis) to her sleek fashion choices, she has been low-key upstaging all of us for years. Now that AD has stepped into her newly redone SoHo duplex and shared their findings via a glamorous magazine spread, it's safe to say the secret is out. Radzi is flat out fabulous and has firmly stepped into her role as style icon.

Carole: "I’m the girl who is going to go home, shut her door, and be in solitude, surrounded by beautiful things"

Me: "Same, honey. Same."

What I love about this space is how decadently feminine it is. Touchable velvets, pale blues, Mongolian wool accents, dusty pink tufted headboard, silk panel drapes from floor to marvelously high (silver-leafed) ceiling. Carole is not kidding around here. The designer we can credit for this amazing space is John Bossard, whom she met at a party in Aspen (have to love those fortuitous celebrity run-ins, right?). Having studied her space before, I am smitten by the glorious transformation he achieved. She always had a stylish apartment, but now it seems more voluminous, more luminous and the type of elegant private retreat you'd be hard pressed to ever want to leave.

Naturally, I'm completely obsessed with the "jewel box" effect John achieved and so happy Carole let him have the freedom to fully express his fantastic creative vision. Confession: Before this piece in AD I'd never heard of John, but the space speaks for itself. His work is easily on par with Melanie Turner (whom I adore!) and his use of color & texture make me think of Suzanne Kasler. I am completely in love with the "grown up" femininity of the design. And for a self-described homebody like Carole, this must be pure heaven to call home.


{Note the funny mention of the design matching her cat, Baby. Love!}


What do you love about the space?  Comment below! xoxo

Celebrity Living: Stately Post-White House Living for the Obamas...

It's not Pennsylvania Avenue, but the Obamas will be moving to a stunning home next February. Built in 1928, the 8,200 square foot Washington D.C. home boasts nine bedrooms and lavish details. That kitchen and back yard are enough to make me fall in love. But just look at those leaded windows and expansive, light-filled rooms are enough to make me want to move there myself. {via}

Celebrity Living: Kourtney K's Family Friendly Modern Home...

You may giggle at the phrase "most relatable Kardashian" but with her family-first nature, Kourtney is easily the sister with whom I have the most in common. Known for her talents and appreciation for interior design, her business savvy and her tendency to prefer nights at home over causing chaos on the town, this is the famous brunette mogul with whom I can relate.

Her house? Stunning, and a clear departure form the aesthetic her family's homes tend to share. Although she and sister Khloe live around the corner from one another, enjoy a shared foundation of Mediterranean architecture and both utilized the talents of designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard, their private residences could not be more different. Khloé's is an exercise in Arabian Nights but Kourtney's demonstrates an appreciation for carefully selected Mid-Century prizes and a decidedly more modern vibe. 

I’m amazed how many styles he can interpret, Khloé’s place is glamorous, which suits her style. Mine is much more restrained and modern, which is perfect for where I am in my life.
— Kourtney Kardashian

In a clear departure from the now expected abundance of pillows and plump upholstered pieces, the oldest Kardashian sister favors noteworthy selections such as a vintage Jules Leleu desk, Pierre Jeanneret chairs, Christian Liaigre sofas and a vintage Oscar Niemeyer chair. The collection-worthy names don't stop there. And we haven't even mentioned her stunning art collection. It's a study in contrasts and truly the first time I've seen Kourtney express her creative point of view with such clarity. The entire home is airy, light and a demonstration of tasteful restraint. 

I like the push-pull effect of the resulting design. The unexpected mix of vast spaces with slim furnishings. Children's areas furnished with with Italian lounge chairs amidst the Melissa & Doug stuffed animals. It parallels the very private nature of the homeowner who lives in the public eye. I love the duplicity of it all. 


If you missed it, here's her sister's glamorous Moroccan-influenced home around the corner (which I adore) and this stunning pic of the crew together on Khloe's now infamous outdoor swings. Note to self: must get a pair of those!


Celebrity Living: Khloé Kardashian's Calabasas Kasbah...

Of all the Kardashian sisters, Khloé must be a dream client for designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard. She's decisive, vocal and willing to take chances in life and - evidently - in design. Their latest collaboration has resulted in a decadent, dreamy residence worthy of exactly what it earned: a generous spread in ArchDigest. 

From the quatrefoil fountain to the tented living room, this bachelorette pad is an exotic mix of inviting luxury. Plump pillows, plush textiles, billowing sheers and views for miles are just  a few of the sensational hallmarks of her newly renovated home. Yet clean lines and modern sensibilities abound, meaning those Arabian Nights flourishes never dominate in such a way that one would ever call her house "themed" or forced. It. Is. Gorgeous. 

Formerly Justin Bieber's sprawling six+ bedroom, 9,214 square pad, Khloé and Martyn transformed it into a glamorous abode for newly (almost officially) single Kardashian. Even if you watch the show (and I do) you'll find these interior photos to be marvelously revealing. Who knew she had sexy Moroccan reading nook? Why have we never seen that dreamy tented sitting room? And her closet? I could tell it was huge, but the photo above demonstrates its star-studded status. Suffice it to say I dig her Calabasas digs.

What makes it interesting to see is her breakaway from the strict black and white palette into a larger array of muted neutrals, stylized silhouettes that creates a sexy and inviting vibe throughout the home. Those glossy black floors against the white, white woodwork and cabinetry is so appealing, isn't it? And given her notable tendencies towards obsessive perfection (the infamous cookie jars, for example) it's no surprise to see the home is ripe with clean lines and open spaces. Maximal minimalism at its best. 


Celebrity Living: Camuto's Ethereal Villa Maria...

You know already that this amazing Hampton home has my name written all over it. Ina humble nod to Vince Camuto's passing this week, it seemed only appropriate to showcase one of his great personal achievements: restoring a waterfront Jazz Age mansion to its former glory. He and his wife & business partner Louise lovingly took on the challenge of repairing and resurrecting a 21,000-square-foot stuccoed estate and making it modern while retaining its classical roots.

The photos of restored Villa Maria are nothing short of breathtaking. Considering the couple's unmatched professional success at building global brands we shouldn't be shocked at their ability to turn a dilapidated estate into a fresh sprawling residence. But still, renovations are a labor of love and require discipline, tenacity and commitment. All traits these moguls no doubt possess. And...it helps that this wasn't their first rodeo. They brought a French Norman estate in Connecticut out of ruin years ago, so this Gatsby-esque structure was a challenge they were prepared to face. 

While it would have been easy to turn this manse into a gaudy affair, what I appreciate is their restraint. The soothing color palette, aged finishes and open airy spaces bathed in light are nothing short of spectacular. Along with co-conspirators NYC architect Andre Tchelistcheff, landscape architect Edmund D. Hollander and celebrated Manhattan designer Carol Egan, they transformed a vast mansion into a welcoming and inviting home. No easy feat.

The result? Chalk, pale ivory and dove hues come to mind. While there are shimmering details, the interiors exude casual elegance and family-friendly appeal. I can almost imagine them entertaining their extended family on the lawn and enjoying the magnificent waterfront view. 

While I wish for us all to own our own Villa Maria one day, you can infuse a touch of its effortless glam with a few carefully chosen pieces. I've shown a few of my favorites below. But be sure to go back and read the ArchDigest feature on the home to learn more about their magnificent dedicating to the estate and to creating an intimate home within. 


This pretty perch is versatile and functional. Place in pairs in a living room, at the foot of a bed in the bedroom or along a wall in a wide hallway. 

A pretty chandelier in a delicate gray patina. Dreamy!

Add a pretty neutral throw on a chair or ottoman for an instant "come stay a while" vibe. 

Every room benefits from a piece showing a bit of age and patina. I love this distressed white chest in a hall, a dining room or a bedroom. 

Live orchids are always better than faux, but for high quality silks never need to be watered and will never need repotting.

I love that this garden stool features floral cutouts and an unexpected concave silhouette.

Nothing beats an orchid in an urn. I love this etched mercury glass version.

Capiz shells lend a glowing aura to the petals this pretty pendant light.

A traditional oushak rug gets a fresh new look in dreamy dove and ivory. Unify a large seating arrangement with one of these underfoot to ground the room.

Classic carved Louis XVI dining chair pairs well with everything and can be moved around a room as needed. 

An elegant beveled mirror in gilded finish reflects light and brings sophistication to any wall.

This chic upholstered tête-à-tête in dreamy neutral linen can float in a room and be a favorite place for intimate conversation or a midday nap. 

lyre lamp brings a nod to history and classicism without saying a word. 

Glamorous embroidered pillows are always part of a well designed space. Buy in pairs and enjoy for years to come. 


Celebrity Living: Pompeo's Palatial LA Home...

Let's start by admitting I don't watch Grey's Anatomy, but I've seen her in a few movies. That said, it is easy to be a fast fan of Ellen Pompeo's relaxing Los Angeles home. Hello, family-friendly finishes and supremely chilled out vibe.

It was somewhat surprising to learn that Martyn Lawrence Bullard designed the space for the actress and her family. It's not his first residence to design for Pompeo, each of them just as uniquely spectacular as the next. This proves yet again the famous designer's range and ability to cater a design to his client's lifestyle and taste rather than his own. They took the 1930's Mediterranean villa down to the studs to give it new life while honoring the original spirit of the home.

Flipping through the story on Architectural Digest you'll see the drastic before & after shots. It's clear that this renovation was a true top to bottom effort with a vision of gracious living in mind. Windows are larger, doors are more dramatic and spaces are opened to accommodate modern living. 

And then there are the cheerful rooms for the couple's daughters. I love the colorful notes of the Missoni textiles and the easy chic feeling of the rooms. Perfect for energetic little girls! 

My favorite part? The living room and pool area top my list of dreamy spaces. The expansive living area is luxe without being stiff. I love the cabana stripe awnings beyond the triple sets of french doors. And the furniture? To die for. The pool area has so much swagger it's hard to imagine it being a private home. Just look at the surrounding balconies and the clear blue skies promising views of the city below. This home is gorgeous and the lot looks like a dream come true. 

Perhaps Hollywood celeb would have been an ideal career option after all ;) 

See the full story on AD.

Celebrity Living: Lisa Vanderpump's Enchanted Garden...

It starts with 100 year old olive trees and doesn't stop there. Restauranteur Lisa Vanderpump's newest venue made it's online debut via Domaine. The interview of she and designer Jeff Lewis is as much about their witty repartee as it is the incredible features of the space. Reclaimed wood from around the globe and Parisian artifacts warm up the space in Lisa's signature perfect patina.

“I wanted to make people feel like they’d been transported somewhere else, somewhere distant, and do something totally different than anything else in West Hollywood.”   Lisa Vanderpump

The patio, the restaurant, the entire presentation is beautiful. Plump pillows on elongated banquettes, white tablecloths, flowers on every available surface and those previously mentioned ancient olive trees. Yet what binds the space together is Lisa's warm vision for the potential of such an intoxicating environment. Lisa wants her guests to step in, feel transported to another place far, far away even if only for one evening. Perhaps they'll feel as though they've stepping into a romantic patio in Tuscany. IDesign has the power to do just that... to move you and whisk you away.

See the rest of this elegantly aged space on Domaine. And by the way, Jeff seemed to just be along for the stylish ride. According to him she makes every design decision herself. I don't doubt it at all. Her homes, her businesses... they all offer that special Vanderpump vibe which is every bit as enchanting as the grand dame of Beverly HIlls herself. 

Celebrity Living: Tory Burch's Colorful Aerie...


Note to self: build a wildly successful global lifestyle brand, design my corporate offices to look surprisingly cozy & residential and display an oversized brass version of my iconic logo on a mirrored wall. Those perhaps were once the subconscious goals of fashion mogul Tory Burch... now they are her reality. I suspect these photos via Arch Digest will be on every style blog from here to St. Petersburg, but that aquamarine velvet deserves to be seen and seen again. 

What can I say about this incredible Daniel Romualdez designed space? It is warm and deeply personal, going so far as to hold a vintage edition of a prized childhood book The Little Prince on display. Tory's taste is completely traditional, yet somehow fresh thanks to the undeniable Palm Beach influence. I love that she sidesteps the predictable sleek Manhattan corporate glass-walled complex in favor a sunny space bathed in soft floor to ceiling drapery panels and fabulous furniture (I'm talking to you, velvet covered Louis XVI sidechairs!) that any interior design lover would covet. 

Strategic planning sessions are likely much more pleasant beneath a wall of sunburst mirrors. But lest you think looks are all that matter within those paneled walls, trust that a greater purpose is at work. Design elements and the floor plan were carefully designed to enhance positive Feng Shui. Keeping the flow of good energy and success directed into the office rather than out is the name of the game. Say what you will about the ancient practice, but if Ms. Burch's unstoppable rise to the top is any indication, I'd say we could all use a bit more good chi in our lives. 

See the full tour here

Celebrity Living: The Hilfigers Get Groovy in Miami...

tommy& dee  hilfiger get groovy in miami

It takes a certain client to encourage Martyn Lawrence Bullard to unleash his "groovy" side within your waterfront Miami residence. Tommy and Dee Hilfiger not only let the celebrity designer wild with his retro-sexy vibe, they tasked him with taking it further. It is Miami, after all, and there's no such thing as over the top in this vibrant city. 

The result? An unexpectedly modern look that is far less shagadelic than one might have imagined. Bullard incorporates some of the best of 60's and 70's vintage Italian design to lend a visible nod to the past while still being unabashedly "now" in concept. 

No question this look is far too geometric and bold for my taste, but I relish having this behind the scenes look at how a master designer brings his client's vision to life. The Hilfiers' pad is a living art gallery with sweeping views of the water and sleek furnishings abounding with chrome. Black and white may be heavy hitters in this space, but there's no question they all harbor a deep love of color and bold flourishes.

See the entire project at Arch Digest, and be sure to watch the behind-the-scenes video.

Celebrity Living: Tory's Southampton Estate...

I was admiring the Tory Burch estate photos the way one admires overly fussy cuisine. I liked it. I appreciated it for all its complexity... but it just wasn't to my taste. Patterns... lots of them. Prints. Chintz. And more pedigreed pieces than most people will encounter in their time here on earth.

And then... I happened upon these photos of her pool house and the grandeur that isher outdoor living space. Consider me sold. I decided right then and there that if I had to take this property as-is I would do it just for the phenomenal poolside lifestyle.

Might I add... the property is stunning. Absolutely stunning... I would just need to start anew with the interior design to live there myself. But Tory... what a lovely retreat you've created for yourself. I applaud your incredible success and the incredible life you have created for yourself. And as for that pool house? I do hope you entertain their frequently... it's a magical addition to your home.