Coveted Pieces: Glamorous Gold Étagères...

There's something so "adult" about owning an étagère, isn't there? It means you own things worthy of display. It means you've got swagger in your decorating style. It means you've got some wall space to dedicate to a beautiful piece of furniture. And so it begins... the endless cycle of styling and restyling your beautiful wares in an attempt to make it Pinterest-worthy. Let me assure you, you'll change your mind about the "right" arrangement again and again. Make peace with this process early on and give in to your urge to style and restyle.

More permanent, however are those shelves themselves. Great consideration should go into the selection of an étagère. I prefer them in tall pairs to create instant symmetry and presence. Gold is also a favorite finish, adding glamour to your room before a single book has arrived on the shelves. I've rounded up my current favorites for you to swoon over. 

Lucky you - each of these are so gorgeous you'll only need a dozen or so books and a few pretty decorative objects to style them up. Hope to see on you instagram soon showing off your styling prowess! 

Savvy shoppers... ready for my insider secret to great style at lower prices? Often, shopping at the division of a brand targeted towards the younger set yields big savings. Like shopping in the children's department for designer jeans, shopping at RH Baby & Child and PB Kids can turn up spectacular pieces at "wow" prices. Case in point... this gold etagere above was spied at PB Teen for just $599. The antique gold finish and Hollywood Regency styling make this a standout piece in any room - for any age. And never fear, it rises a grand 77" tall and bears no telltale signs of being ordered from a youth catalog. Simply resist the urge to load it with textbooks and term papers and it'll just be our little designer secret. ;)

Happy styling, everyone!  


Coveted Pieces: The Perfect Lucite Bar Cart...

I've talked about the quest (and rationale) for owning a bar cart. Today I'm sharing what I believe to be the best of the new entries into the market. Source? Anthropologie, a growing force in the world of amazing interior design goodness. Here's what I love about the Oscarine Bar Cart:

  • Hello, Lucite! Those legs are made from the dreamy clear material, not acrylic. There's genuine value here in terms of quality. 
  • It has a brass finish, which I adore for its warmth and luster. 
  • The shelves are made from glass - not the aforementioned Lucite - making them less prone to scratching. Combined, the two lend the piece its lighter-than-air vibe. 
  • Did I mention it has casters? Movable goodness. 

I am gaga over those clean lines on this piece. So many bar carts are fussy and over-designed. This one strikes me as extremely classic while also being wildly appealing. A tough act to follow.  My spin? I think this would make a stunning display for books and art supplies in my office. The transparency allows it to essentially float in what is a rather small footprint and still possess major style power. Form & function collide beautifully. 

Whatever your use for this brass + Lucite beauty (and I have quite a few suggestions), it is certain to be a stunning addition to your home.Thank you, Anthro! Grab yours here

Coveted Pieces: Brass + Mongolian Fur Stools Made by Moi...

This chic little stool? I've been making them and selling them to local designers and boutiques. Made from solid brass legs and genuine Mongolian Wool (Tibetan Lamb) fur, these adorable stools are as functional as they are fabulous. Strong enough to support roughly 200 lbs and incredibly versatile. At 18" x 18" they are perfectly sized to place in any corner of a room or tuck beneath a glamorous vanity.

Each stool is personally designed & built here in Dallas exclusively by moi, with careful attention to the tiniest of details. The bottom of the stool is lined with luxurious black cotton duck and secured with hand-hammered brass upholstery tacks. Perfectly chic from top to bottom exactly the way you'd expect them to be. I'm also offering these beauties in the most amazingly soft shade of blush pink as well as a soft ivory white. 

If you're a designer,  boutique owner or just a design lover and are curious about pricing or custom orders, please send me a note. I'd love to chat about getting these to you and your most deserving clients!  

This isn't the last of my introductions, so stay tuned! 

Coveted Pieces: Stepping Up Your Sleepwear Game...

This is one area where i feel even the best of us falter: sleepwear. Let's face it - almost no one sees us in our jammies and this category of fashion essentials often falls to the bottom of the investment priority list.

Whether you're the t-shirt type or you're rocking a delicate silk negligee, there's likely some room for improvement in your nighttime wardrobe situation. I shall raise my hand high as a candidate that needs a major sartorial sleepy-time upgrade. I tend to favor the same look and would benefit from adding a wider variety of looks. And frankly, sometimes letting go is great to make room for new floral prettiness in this arena.

Favorite brands? Eberjey is absolutely a favorite. It's a "girl's girl" kind of brand with sleepwear that is feminine and girly but not impractical. I LOVE this brand above most others, but Anthropologie has one or two other lines that are hard to resist. I'm also a fan of chest support, it's just more comfortable. So fitted camis and chemises with at least some definition up top are the way to go. 

With that, let's see what's available to bring home so I can toss out my over-loved black cami & pants combo and add a little feminine glamour back into my dream state. 


Interested in a better night of sleep? Me too, sister! I was fortunate enough to ask linen expert Felicia Marquie, owner of Lucky Den, a few questions. Earlier this week she offered her insights on building the perfect bed top situation (think: luxurious sheets & cozy comforters) in my in-depth interview. I hope it will encourage you to focus more on the importance of sleep and bedtime rituals. Never underestimate the power of beauty sleep! The word beauty in the name says it all!  

Coveted Pieces: One-Piece Wonders...

Jumpers and rompers and playsuits... oh, my! While I've pledged my love for the dress this summer, there's one alternative look I'm always down for: the adult onesie. The idea is the same: pop on a single piece of clothing, accessorize and bolt. It is the season of sartorial ease. Since Texas is home to serious wind (I'm talking gust force gales that could make Marilyn blush), on breezy days it's often best to wear something guaranteed to stay put. Enter: jumpsuits, rompers and playsuits. Honestly, I thank God for the thoughtful souls that originated the concept and the designers who continue to love us by rolling out new options. All hail these wardrobe wonders! 

If you're looking for fuss-free dressing, you've just found it. Pair with heels or flats, it doesn't matter. The right piece is guaranteed to look good regardless of whether you turn it up or dial it down. Here are a few of my favorites: 


Options abound. From strapless to long-sleeved, you can find these miracle workers in every style imaginable. I suggest you hone in on your summer style but don't be afraid to mix it up with a festive floral or pretty pink. Those of you who feel this look is reserved for weekends, think again. Top with a blazer or cardigan and you'll find many of these pieces work as well for the boardroom as it does the bistro. And trust me on this: you'll feel as cozy as if you wore your jammies all day while totally looking like you glammed up for the occasion. Win-win, baby!


Coveted Pieces: The Feminine Trench...

The iconic trench has never been uncool, but this beautiful top layer is enjoying somewhat of a Renaissance at the moment. Lace, floral, belted, leather piped... anything goes with this outfit-making layer. 


Will you go loose and languid or stick to tradition with a Burberry style belted khaki creation? The world is your oyster this season, as designers are pulling out all the stops on this lightweight coat guaranteed to make you look polished and feminine. My only suggestion is to try them on and make sure it feels fabulous before even looking in the mirror. Petite girls like myself should opt for belted varieties and focus on where the hem hits. I like mine lightweight and fitted, but if you're a London or NY girl a trench that offers more of a barrier from the elements might serve you best. Invest in the very best you can and don't settle for less. xoxo


Coveted Pieces: The Fur-Trimmed Moon Boot...

It's getting cold. It's getting dreary. We're going to need boots, people. My open-toe footwear wardrobe is going to have to fully go bye-bye for a bit. But do these moon boots fit the bill? I love them, but on my minuscule five foot frame I might look a bit silly. Still, if you're long in the leg and crave white boots as much as I do, these babies would look DREAMY on you and the slopes, or at the very least the lodge. (via Net-a-Porter)

Coveted Pieces: Bring Home the Birkin...

If you've ever really REALLY wanted to bring home the Birkin or Kelly in your life, now is the time. Neiman Marcus has partnered with Heritage Auctions to bring you the best of the best. These are pre-loved (read: treated with white glove care) vetted Hermes bags you (yes you) could actually buy online. While the prices are still a hill you'll have to climb on your own, the temporary online partnership has at least eliminated the "impossible to get" factor for you. Just in time for the holidays, too. Snag yourself some handcrafted leather finery while a still few linger unsold. Warning: MOST are already claimed, so don't delay. Bonus: InCircle members get DOUBLE points for their purchase. Hello, sweet situation. 


Shop them all here

Coveted Pieces: Holiday Dressing Gets Glam...

Every once in a while something magical happens: a brand arrives on the scene making impeccably designed pieces in prices you can actually swallow. Yes, it's true. Hand-beaded dresses, tops and skirts painstakingly embroidered in beautiful detail can be yours for a reasonable price. Meet UK brand Needle & Thread

When you see the descriptions, most of the pieces are hand-embellished in India. The level of detail on each piece is on a level usually reserved for the Lanvins and Balmains of the world. I love the ethereal quality of the pieces and the fuss-free silhouettes. While embellished, no item is over over-designed or trendy int he least. These are investment pieces with prices on par with Trina Turk & Tory Burch everyday dresses. 

If you are looking to make a grand entrance a upcoming fêtes, I suggest you take a closer look at each magnificent Needle & Thread piece in the collection. There's a Carrie Bradshaw moment in there for you! 


Embellished Crepe Mini Dress // Embroidered Black Crystal & Sequin Dress // Blue Tonal Blue Beaded Mini Dress // Bead Embroidered Tulle Mini Skirt // Ebony Sequin Crepe Dress

{available at Net-a-Porter}

Coveted Pieces: The Parisian Garment Rack...


Some things in life are guaranteed. Death, taxes and my personal ongoing desire to edit, edit and edit again my closet. Over the past decade I have purchased numerous wardrobe racks from well-meaning suppliers. Sometimes I've ordered from upscale catalogs, other times I rolled the dice on Amazon, other times I ordered from commercial vendors in hopes of discovering "the one.".

Without fail, every time I was disappointed to discover a flimsy structure that could barely support itself, much less the weight of the items I'd hoped to hang while I photographed them for auction sites or steamed them before giving to a girlfriend. All of these were promptly returned, donated or tossed in the dumpster. 

And then I spied a piece so pretty, so special and so gorgeously utilitarian that I might just need to make it my own. Enter: the Emily & Merritt wardrobe rack from PB Teen. Yes, you read that right. Pottery Barn Teen. Designed by the team behind fashion brand Current Elliott, this Parisian inspired piece holds shoes, long dresses and all pretty little things your heart desires. Rather than an unsightly faux-chrome contraption that falls whenever you so much as glance its way, this sturdy frame is made from iron tubing with cast iron detail. Bottom line: this baby is built to last and gorgeous to boot. Yes, I will be adding this piece to my life to make eBaying easier and those fashion swap parties more stylish. 

Grab yours before this limited edition item disappears. Bonus: free shipping today on all non-furniture PB Teen orders!


Coveted Pieces: Magnificent Bags in Every Style...

This may be decidedly the moment of the "it" shoe, but fancy bags and eye-catching clutches will always be a glamour girl essential. In this gallery of Fashion Week images from Harper's Bazaar we see dozens of chic street style stars rocking remarkable bags of all shapes, colors and sizes. There are wacky clutches, smart grey totes and lovely minaudières everywhere on the streets of Milan and Paris - as well there should be. 

Here are a few statement making bags sourced from around the web. Some large, some small, some exotic, some hand-painted. I can't guarantee a world famous photographer will be snapping your photo, but perhaps ownership of these unique creations will be satisfaction enough. ;) 



Coveted Pieces: The White Wool Coat...

Aside from that model bod, those dreamy eyes, porcelain skin and smooth as silk hair (could she be any more perfect?) Olivia has insanely great taste. It's no secret that I too harbor an obsession with white coats. Inspired by these photos, I'm sharing my fall favorites with you. While Olivia P's is Valentino, these blanco beauties are all at "every girl" price points. Enjoy!


Really want to nail her look? These are your go-to pieces to splurge on...


Coveted Pieces: Vintage Chanel Charm...

I wish I could explain why I'm obsessed with these vintage Chanel bracelets. Is it the coins? The oversized link style bracelet with major swagger? The jingle it surely makes when you wear it? The GOLD? All of the above and more, surely. I cannot explain it but I'm certainly not apologizing for my true love of these rare treasures. Me likey and me loves it. Snag yours before I do. :)