Current Obsessions: Classic Femininity with Edge...

I don't think fall shopping for weekend wear could possibly get any easier. Skinny jeans, a billowy white chiffon blouse, a quilted leather cropped moto jacket and girly accessories. Think: nude heels & a pretty tote to soften what could otherwise be seen as edgy.

Right now I'm loving the simplicity of chain link bracelets and gold hoop earrings. Tie this all up in one neat bow an call it the new weekend wardrobe. No reason to complicate things any further. For me, the beauty of this look is the balance of softness, toughness and ready to conquer the world confidence.

Scouring the web turned up the best of the bunch in each category. White House Black Market seems to have cornered the market on what they are deeming the "iconic" white blouse. I agree with them, and of their pretty options I'm dying over the Artist's version the most, but all of their new white blouses have the necessary swagger you crave. Add fab accessories, sunnies to die for and roll out the door with a skip in your step. Rest assured: You. Look. Fabulous.  


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Shop the Look: The Safari Chic Dressing Room...

Let's talk about dream closets, shall we? Personally, I'm loving the idea of a full-on leopard rug to set the stage for a sexy dressing area. I also think the space should be feminized quite a bit - even if you share it with your spouse. The thinking here is that while you might be too timid to rock the spotted look elsewhere in your home, the master closet is a private retreat all your own to do with as you wish. 

My choice? This amazing Suzanne Kasler wool rug. It's sleek, modern and a more timeless way to add exotic flourish to any space - especially a closet. This stunning version is hand-woven and crafted to stand the test of time. Bonus? It could be moved to any room of the home if you love mixing up your look once in a while. 

Next...  stools. These amazing brass & ivory Aretha Benches from Bernhardt are form and function perfected. Hello, glamour! A pair of these (if space allows) would make your closet the destination for all those late night chat sessions. They are bold, modern and downright gorgeous! And yes... the perfect spot upon which to rest as you select your outfit for the day. 

Now, try not to feign mock surprise when I tell you a chandelier is what you need to complete the look. Save your acting skills and rush over to grab this stunning vintage-inspired chandy in Italian tole style. The Astrid Chandelier is my absolute favorite choice for this look. It is a spectacular in classic gold and glistening crystals and will pair strikingly with the benches above. With its brilliant sparkling light overhead, your wardrobe will suddenly look far more fabulous and radiant. And you, my dear, will glow with a radiance never before seen. 

The last element is an obvious one: Finish it off with a glam Floor Mirror. While there are many I adore, this one pulls double duty as a sly jewelry cabinet. Not only will your necklaces be easy to access, they'll be hidden from view and completely organized. I love the beaded bevel detail on the frame and the grand scale. Extra points for making your perhaps petite closet now appear twice as grand. 


Less of a leopard fan and more in tune with Rachel Zoe's zebra striped sensation? I feel you sister. Let's pull a look together for you that's worthy of a star stylist's wardrobe. First... that rug. 

There are two schools of thought here. You are either a fan of the zebra pattern as a whole and are fond of a classic rectangular rug that bears the iconic bands in a sophisticated pattern. If so this 100% wool World Market rug is a fabulous value. Or...

Or... you're in search of a convincing rug that on some level looks as though you're sporting a genuine zebra hide. This high-end cowhide is hand painted with zebra stripes ensuring no two are alike. The unique shape and hair-on-hide texture gives it instant character and adds warmth to your dressing area. Available in natural (above) or bold black and white. The bolder option is more along the line's of Rachel Zoe's version featured in the images above. 

As a counterpoint to the wild zebra stripes, I'm loving this vintage-inspired chandelier, In the style of Italian tole, this beautiful light fixture will feminize the area and lend enchanting glamour. All good qualities for a chandy to deliver! 

My favorite addition? The pretty little perch. How can you possibly resist this little French cutie? I love its petite size and swiveling sear. Cabriole legs, linen fabric and the nailhead trim seal the deal - this is a chic dressing area must-have. 

My favorite part? The mirror! This Rococo style mirror via Anthropologie is simply a showstopper. Looking as though it was discovered in an undisturbed Paris apartment, this beauty will give your dressing area the elegance of Versailles and the romance of a hidden French cafe. You. Are. Welcome. :) 

So... which kind of wild child are you? Are you a spotted princess or a stripe loving wild child? Somewhere in between? The options vary, but the theme remains the same. Amp up the glamour and exotic flair of your dressing area and make getting ready (and getting undressed) a delightful treat. You deserve a fabulous rug, a chic seat to rest upon and a sparkling chandelier above. What more could a girl want?


Current Obsessions: A Roundup of My Latest Fashion Cravings...

Current Obsessions: My Latest Fashion Cravings

Ahhhhhh... can you feel it? Change is in the air. The sun may be scorching by I assure you there's a new season, a new mood and a new vibe sweeping in soon. And, I am READY for it. But first, I need to retool my wardrobe and lock in a few key pieces to transition me through the last days of summer & sweep me gracefully into the next month or so.

Here's what I'm eager to add to the fashion mix: a killer cross-body bag I'm long overdue in adding to my wardrobe, a multi-functional black dress that's just as ideal for a laid back day out shopping as it is for dinner (with the right shoes, of course!), a super feminine stackable ring set I am OBSESSED with a hint of new balm for the lips because they need post-summer repair and a fresh pair of Jackie O-worthy sunglasses because the Texas sun is unforgiving regardless of the season.


Current Obsession: A Scintillating Scent as Signature Fragrance...

It will come as no surprise to hear I am incredibly selective. Give me an opportunity to invest in a nice handbag and I'll ask to line five identical bags up to choose the one I deem to be perfect. Yes, I'm that person. So taking a risk and purchasing a new fragrance online is basically my version of gambling. Not one with a trained nose, how could I know what notes of "Pink Pepper, Pink Grapefruit, Sicilian Lemon, Sparkling Pear, Raspberry, Lychee and Vetiver" create? I honestly had no idea, but it sounded lively and yummy. But one look at the faceted bottle and a quick read of the "awww!" inducing love story and I was hooked. Gift card redeemed. Bottle ordered. I was in. All in.

Today, this impossibly pretty jewel-shaped bottle arrived. To tell you it smells divine is to say the ocean is wet. This, to me, is wild happiness embodied in a perfume. It is light, cheerful, sexy and sophisticated. Yet somehow completely luxe and instantly wearable. Plus, look at that bottle!!! This was a "gamble" that absolutely paid off.

To give you a sense of my fragrance preferences, I prefer them bright rather than sultry. I am repelled by powdery finishes. Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming comes to mind as a favorite. Omorovicza Bagatelle de Gabrielle is another absolute winner. Love, Relentlessly falls into the "wow, what are you wearing?" category of fragrances that will garner genuine compliments from friends and strangers alike.

My father wrote this note to my mother, which he ran in the newspaper and signed “Love, Relentless.” My parents were the most romantic couple I have ever known. This fragrance is inspired by their love story.
— Tory Burch

I cannot wait to wear this lovely acquisition every single day for the foreseeable future. Sheets shall also be spritzed with it (confession: already happened!). I love it that much. Perhaps a body cream of the same intoxicating scent will be available soon. (Tory, if you're reading this, that's an urgent request) Divine indeed.


Current Obsession: Blanco...

Sometimes in order to create a new inner life, we must rethink our exterior. A fresh lease on life can sometimes be ushered in my a new haircut, a wardrobe refresh or a redesigned living space. It's a trick I've played on my mind over and over again when I need an adjustment in my thinking. And so it begins with my (annual) obsession with wearing all white. 

Billowy linen pants, eyelet dresses, embellished tunics... all of these are fashion hallmarks of summer. I'm seeing this season as a time to reinvent, re-imagine and refocus on myself, my goals and my outlook. A monochromatic look simplifies the dressing process and is the physical manifestation of my internal fresh start. 

Think of it as a sartorial clean slate. No complexity, no vagueness, no mystery. Just a pure, clean, straightforward outlook on life. Care to join me? 


Current Obsession: The Weekend Wedge...

Oh, shoes. Can a girl ever really have enough? If you're a fan of fabulous footwear ON SALE, now is the time to head to the Neiman Marcus last call sale. These beauties and many others are on extreme clearance. I like my wedges like I like my standards: high! These Sophia Webster espadrilles are a colorful confection for those of you who love shoes with personality. But never fear, neutrals, flats, boots and pumps are all part of the clearance happening. Enjoy the weekend and take advantage of the seasonal discounts. 

Current Obsession: Brilliant White Beaded Eyelet Dresses...

If I were in the habit of buying $7000 dresses at a moment's notice, this lovely Altuzarra frock would surely be mine. Never fear, trendsetters... Olivia Palermo & Chelsea28 have a similarly styled white dress (not as opulent, but definitely a stand-in for those of you on the hunt for the look) offered for a mere $148. You are welcome. :) 

Current Obsession: The Wedge Sandals Your Feet Have Been Begging For...

Ladies... these are UGGS. They are high heel espadrille wedges. With bows. Big, beautiful bows at the ankles. They are beautiful. The reviews are OUTSTANDING. They are available in two dreamy super neutral colors. You are not dreaming. These are real shoes presently available in pretty much every single size. You are so very welcome. Get your "Jules" espadrilles right here

Current Obsession: Spring Shoes with Personality to Spare...

I may play it classic in many areas, but when it comes to open-toe shoe season I have a fondness for fun and a leaning towards towering statement platforms. What can I say? This five foot mama needs all the lift she can get to make her legs look long & lean. These beauties above? Footwear heaven embodied if you ask me. Playfully printed cork, darling gold studs and a colorful espadrille base. It's sunny yellow and pretty pink perfection. Hello, happy feet! Spy these at Neiman Marcus before perpetual pedicure season arrives...


Current Obsessions: Embracing Feminine Opulence...

This week my favorite finds are decidedly feminine with a nod towards the coming cooler months. I seem to be yearning for warmth, more complex fragrances and warmer metallic finishes. It doesn't always require a financial investment. It could be a candlelit bubble bath, a beloved sweater, a cozy night by the fire. Identify those things which you love and embrace them, indulge in them and love them without restraint. What, my darling, are you loving right now?

Current Obsession: Oversized Art that "Makes" the Space...

The weather is swiftly growing cooler and it makes me reconsider my rooms and accessories quite a bit more. I love to use seasonal shift inspiration to rethink, reconsider and ponder how each piece of art or adornment makes me feel and think about how I would LIKE to feel in that space. We naturally gravitate towards art that makes us feel a certain way (happy, thoughtful, romantic, etc). So I always trust my instincts when making selections for framed creative works - our topic of the day. 

When it comes to art, in most cases I like a bold move. Massive abstracts. Huge sculptures. Sizable textured wall hangings. Of course in that grandness I require incredible detail. Confident brush strokes, Opulent materials. Unexpected materials. God is truly in the details, but when it comes down to owning it I crave more massive pieces. 

One look at the above gallery of images supports my belief that art can totally "make" a space. An otherwise serene (or in some cases quite straightforward) rooms can come alive with the pop that a handsomely scaled abstract work can offer. 

Whether you love yours painted or printed, framed or free, I think you'll agree that adding color and style to your walls is a genius move in any space. Here are some of my favorite pieces from my recent searches. 

Happy art hunting! 


Current Obsessions: Summer Whites...


Pulling off an all-white look for summer isn't as drab as it sounds. Quite the contrary. I find that head to toe blanco is a bold statement of quiet sophistication. My one exception to the rule is adding a statement clutch. Next to a solid base, a spotted hair-on-hide clutch is just the thing you need to take a look from drab to fab. 

Why do I love this look? It takes you from dawn to dusk without ever looking out of place. Poolside, terrace, boutique, living room - the single color statement is at home anywhere and everywhere. The only question you need ask yourself is where you want your day to take you.

Current Obsession: The Ultra-Chic Bucket Backpack...

I haven't had this much Tory Burch love in a long, long time. It's been maybe 7 years since I was swooning over her every move. I'm not sure what her designers are sipping in the studio, but it must be some mighty fine espresso because these new handbags are completely on point. 

Witness the ultimate backpack. It looks like a Chanel (no shame in their copycat game as they model their leather-entwined gold chains in a style identical to Coco's signature bags. I've turned my nose up at their other attempts to mimic iconic flap bags (after all, originality is to be prized and treasured), but this bag... this surprisingly chic bag is something really remarkable. 

And lucky you, today it's 30% off! I am seriously crushing on this black beauty like nobody's business. While I don't see myself wearing it full on backpack style, this versatile wonder can be worn via top handle, tossed over a single shoulder or worn as (you guessed it) a classic backpack. And those chains... those sexy gold and black chains? Forgetaboutit. This lovely multi-tasker has it all and I am in major handbag love. 

Current Obsession: The Slouchy Pink Satchel I Simply Must Own...

This lovely rose pink bag is my very next acquisition. Yes, I need a black tote, but I love everything about this delicate rose-hued satchel. A mere 13" x 10" x 6" means it fits my petite frame without being overbearing, but that inside capacity is a thing of beauty. It has only one flaw: no feet, but I suspect that's why it comes with a convenient cross-body strap. Those occasions that call for me to be hands-free are still achievable while keeping this pretty bag safe from harm. 

Wondering just how much it holds? This handy image above shows the storage capacity of the Tory Burch "Frances" handbag, making me pine for it even more. I'm not one to stuff a bag full, but if I were, this lovely satchel promises to hold my essentials and much more. Perhaps this can even convince me of its merits as a "work" bag for running off to see clients. 

By the way, this useful beauty is available in a few other fabulous colors: black, taupe and this lovely pale pink. There are also a few colorblock options out there, but for me it's all about that rose pink leather. How about you?


Current Obsession: Pretty Places for Rings & Things...

Life is funny, isn't it? One moment you're blissfully living your life, the next you're smitten by a seemingly insignificant object. On my mind: those sweet little catchalls that do indeed catch everything, Not the manly leather sort. I'm coveting the pretty little dishes that go on your vanity or bedside table and beckon you to place your baubles & bling in them while you sleep. 

Necessary? Not a chance. Useful. Absolutely. And, oh, are they adorable these days. You can go straight up glam or quirky mod and find exactly what you're looking for. 

Here are a few cuties I've rounded up for your perusal...


What about you? Are you a bedside tray girl or a dresser drawer type? Do you leave rings and things n while sleeping or remove all precious commodities from your person before your pre-slumber ritual? Do tell...


Current Obsession: Amethyst Tufted Slipper Chair...

Had to share... I saw this magnificent specimen in person over the weekend at Anthro. Suffice it to say I was smitten when I spied on the familiar hardwood floor. Rarely do I discover an item I wouldn't modify in some way to make it better. However... this rarified slipper chair has been styled perfectly in my opinion. I love the turned legs in front on tiny casters. I love the adged wash finish on the wood. I am wild about that perfect shade of amethyst velvet they've selected. The tufting? Done to perfection (which is not easy, as not all tufting is equal). The silhouette? Also perfect (which is a shock to me) and those antiqued brass nail heads? I'm in love. Deep, true amethyst love.

Come to mama, lovely velvet chair. And please bring an indentical twin along with you. I've got just the space for the two of you to reside side by side for your long, happy lives. {via Anthro}


Current Obsession: The Perfect Rose Pink Tote...

Color me obsessed. This beautiful rose pink bag has my name written all over it. Add in gold hardware, scratch-resistant leather (why doesn't all leather come with that quality???) and delicate pink lining and I'm already mentally making room for it in the closet. This rose hued handbag is making all my Valentine's Day wishes come true by being the prettiest tote I've seen all month long. Her most endearing quality: she comes with a price that doesn't knock me over....and an optional cross body strap. Thank you, Tory, for keeping it real. (Robinson Tote $575).


Current Obsession: The (Pretty Much Sold Out Everywhere) Luxe Faux Fur...

The only downside to living in the south: it takes so long to get cold that by the time you head online to shop for winter clothing all the good pieces are SOLD OUT. Between the faux fur vest and the leopard coat, I'm not sure which is more popular for winter 2014. What I do know is that those of you who wear my size are clearly months ahead of my current game & happily ensconced in your fabulous faux furs. Boo hiss for me, but I'm quietly clapping for all of you. 

While the looks I love vary between the outrageous knee-length leopard coat (hello, attention-seekers) and the more subdued white faux mink, I admit to my inner Zsa Zsa Gabor loving and lusting after them all. 

So... spill it, sisters! What are you wearing. What are you loving. Where did you buy yours and do they have any more left? I do see some options around the web, but most range from "meh" to "dear God, no" when I zoom in. These gorgeous pix are all from Fabulous Furs which seems to have the lock on realistic looking furs. 

While we're on the topic: I have no problem wearing real fur, I just don't happen to own any. Where do you stand on the faux or no issue? Does it vary from animal to animal? Rabbit seems to be universally approved and mink looked upon with detest. Obviously it's a matter of population and sustainability. But really, animal fur is animal fur. 

Dish... I'd love your thoughts!