Game Changers: "Rise" Puts You (Yes, You) On a Private Jet...

Last week I learned about Rise, an awesome Dallas company that is to aviation what Uber is to taxis. For $1650 per month you and a companion can fly unlimited (yes, unlimited) flights. Currently it's a regional service, but even as such this is a game changer. If you've booked a flight anywhere lately your jaw has no doubt dropped by reading he above line about unlimited monthly jaunts to and from a destination for a flat fee.

A single round-trip flight on American Airlines from Dallas to Houston for a couple will set you back a pretty penny - and that's you and your lovely sitting cramped in commercial. Imagine if you will the fine appointments of private jet. You and your guest casually strolling out on the tarmac at an agreed upon time and being greeted by plush leather seating, a charming pilot, and none of the stress of what has become typical modern air travel.

This all-you-can-fly service requires no long-term contracts, has no hidden fees and is definitely taking the area by storm for professionals who regularly travel back and forth from Texas's major metropolitan areas. Need to take more than just your client? A variety of membership level options make it easy to scale up the size of your entourage. 

All of this is thanks to Rise founder and CEO Nick Kennedy who is perhaps not so quietly changing the world of private aviation. 

Members of Nick's private flight club enjoy the ease of booking online or via a smartphone app, before being transported directly from their homes and offered complimentary drinks and snacks. This is all the much anticipated before wheels up moment. Imagine how nice it is once aboard the jet? At the airport, guests board the luxurious eight-seat Beechcraft King Air 350 and relax in a comfortable seat that is both window and aisle before heading off to one of the cities currently covered by the service. In flight fresh coffee, accessories and travel kit are provided by Dallas startup Need - another game-changing service.

Not in Dallas? Don't worry, Rise is in a growth phase, expanding to the UK and other US regions is just a matter of time. 

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