Celebrity Living: Pompeo's Palatial LA Home...

Let's start by admitting I don't watch Grey's Anatomy, but I've seen her in a few movies. That said, it is easy to be a fast fan of Ellen Pompeo's relaxing Los Angeles home. Hello, family-friendly finishes and supremely chilled out vibe.

It was somewhat surprising to learn that Martyn Lawrence Bullard designed the space for the actress and her family. It's not his first residence to design for Pompeo, each of them just as uniquely spectacular as the next. This proves yet again the famous designer's range and ability to cater a design to his client's lifestyle and taste rather than his own. They took the 1930's Mediterranean villa down to the studs to give it new life while honoring the original spirit of the home.

Flipping through the story on Architectural Digest you'll see the drastic before & after shots. It's clear that this renovation was a true top to bottom effort with a vision of gracious living in mind. Windows are larger, doors are more dramatic and spaces are opened to accommodate modern living. 

And then there are the cheerful rooms for the couple's daughters. I love the colorful notes of the Missoni textiles and the easy chic feeling of the rooms. Perfect for energetic little girls! 

My favorite part? The living room and pool area top my list of dreamy spaces. The expansive living area is luxe without being stiff. I love the cabana stripe awnings beyond the triple sets of french doors. And the furniture? To die for. The pool area has so much swagger it's hard to imagine it being a private home. Just look at the surrounding balconies and the clear blue skies promising views of the city below. This home is gorgeous and the lot looks like a dream come true. 

Perhaps Hollywood celeb would have been an ideal career option after all ;) 

See the full story on AD.

Shop the Look: Tamara Mellon's Sleek Manhattan Apartment...

Photo of Tamara Mellon's Manhattan Apartment via  Harpers Bazaar . Artwork by  Guido Mocafico

Photo of Tamara Mellon's Manhattan Apartment via Harpers Bazaar. Artwork by Guido Mocafico

We can't think of anyone who radiates sex appeal quite like high-heeled fashion mogul Tamara Mellon. With all the controversy surrounding her sultry Manhattan apartment designed by Martyn Lawrence-Bullard, it seemed the perfect time to reflect upon what makes this space so intriguing. But first... can we have a moment to reflect upon the good old days when she & her million dollar designer were besties and this penthouse was her proud sexy high rise perch? It was an icon meets tastemaker moment we'll not soon forget, but it seems these two would rather move past it and forget it ever happened. Lawsuits are such a nuisance, no?

Back to the glory days of this over the top space that suited her as well as a pair of sky high black patent stilettos... Is it your typical penthouse? Clearly not. It is very much a mix of Ms. Mellon's rebellious edge and Martyn's "designed with a wink" style. From a sultry leopard rug to a 70's worthy white leather tufted sofa, this is a home designed to be a fanciful escape for this high-wattage fashion icon after hours. It says come hither. It declares you are dripping with confidence and not afraid to show it. It is clearly a space that suited her at the time they collaborated on the space. 

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